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SAP EH&S Regulatory Content

SAP EH&S Regulatory Content

Regulatory Content is used by companies using the SAP EHS module for getting regulatory information on chemicals in a way which is compatible to the SAP Standard. Data can be extracted from this content update in form of substance lists, multilingual phrases, expert rules as well as property trees. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) templates are also provided along with this content service.

To keep the content up to date and in sync with regulations to ensure compliance, frequent updates are provided. These updates have to be imported into the customer system, which is a challenge for many customers as it requires a lot of knowledge and experience with the update process and different parts of the delivery as well as time to do this properly.

SAP Regulatory Content Update with HELASOFT

HELASOFT offers a full end-to-end implementation service for Content Updates for SAP EHS.

  • Installation of the content data (List Substance and UN-Listed Substance Data) 
  • Implementation of SAP notes required as prerequisites 
  • Installation of rule sets (incl. takeover of adjustments) 
  • Installation of WWI templates (incl. takeover of adjustments) 
  • Upload/Merging of phrases 
  • Maintenance of classes and characteristics 
  • Setup & maintenance of property trees and related customizing according to the SAP documentation. 
  • Support and error fixing within the testing phase. 

HELASOFT can offer a unique, cost-effective and very safe way of updating your system with the newest content, due to the in-depth experience of our consultants in Product Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Regulatory Content. Currently we support the content from UL (ChemADVISOR), Verisk (ERC &3E, formerly known as SAP SERC or TechniData CLEO).

In addition, we will support you in optimizing your related compliance business processes. Also you will receive a complete documentation in form of the HELASOFT Content Cookbook© and an overview of the customer specific adaptations.

In order to reduce workload for your employees, we also offer you the expert review of your update and the related processes together with our partners in the area of Regulatory Compliance as a separate service.