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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Management is the identification, assessment and prioritisation of actual and potential risks in advance and putting into place controls to minimise, monitor and reduce the probability of the risk.

Risk Management is used as a  more of a proactive measure where functionality is basically used to group a list of hazards involved in a particular activity/process, where the user does the following:

  • Identification and analysing risk
  • Conduct risk assessment
  • Control management
  • Review of risk
  • Management risk actions
  • Close-Out of risk assessment

HELASOFT can assist customers with the gathering, documentation and managing of hazard information in the organisation. The information includes controls, impacts, potential likelihood, severity of risk and the effectiveness of controls. This include verification, identification and assignment of risks to the risk assessment. The review of monitoring results is also performed, if required. In cases where monitoring results are required but not available, a request can be created to obtain the relevant results.

Here are some of the main features of Risk assessment

  • HELASOFT can provide a flexible solution to customer to exclude risk assessment sub-process and determine whether the following criteria were met:
    • A risk assessment was completed with the required detail
    • All actions were complete
    • Controls were adequate
  • In cases where there are open actions or controls that require reviews, the relevant action and control owners are notified by the risk owner.
  • Risk owner is satisfied that all actions were completed and that controls were adequate; the risk assessment is closed.
  • Follow-up risk assessments, if required, can be created for the specific risk assessment.

Risk Assessment business process:

The business process helps in identification, assessment, evaluation and control of risk involved in the work place. This module includes functionalities for conducting job hazard analysis (JHA) to assess risk for job or activity.

Risk assessment helps to ensure regulatory compliance and protects the health and safety of the workers is a systemic approach to hazard identification and control.

Key functionalities of this solution are:

  • Modelling a location hierarchy
  • Managing assessment team
  • Maintaining different controls for engineering, organizational and person related processes
  • Define impact and control of hazards
  • Creating and managing jobs
  • Create risk assessment and job hazard analysis.
  • Create reports
  • Risk assessment also includes chemical approval processes