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Chemical Approval

Chemical Approval

Chemicals bring about benefits upon which modern society is entirely dependent. They also make a vital contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of citizens in terms of trade and employment.

Chemicals are a significant contributor to our economies. Sound chemical management across the lifecycle of a chemical – from extraction or production to disposal – is therefore essential to avoid risks to human health and the environment.

All companies follow a Chemical Approval Process to provide a methodical approach for evaluating the potential use of chemicals new to the plant. This process is intended to facilitate compliance with applicable governmental regulations.

A Chemical is described as any element, chemical compound or mixture of elements and/or compounds which includes:

  • raw materials
  • finished products
  • isolated intermediates
  • samples
  • by-products
  • known decomposition products
  • wastes
  • research chemicals
  • laboratory chemicals.

A chemical can come in the form of a solid, liquid, or gas.

Companies responsibility include, but is not limited to:

  • Review new chemical for environmental impact, specifically for potential problem with hazardous waste disposal, solid waste disposal, container disposal, chemical reporting, effluent treatment system impact, emergency release considerations, and applicability to other current, proposed and new regulations.
  • Review new chemical for applicability of any facility’s product registrations, fire permit quantity limits, and local ordinance restrictions.
  • Reject or limit use of chemicals that could pose uncontrollable environmental or safety problems, business limitations or excessive costs to store, use or dispose of properly.
  • Notify the requester of approval and rejections upon completion of the review.
  • Update and maintain the MSDS files as needed.
  • Maintain the master list of chemicals which are approved for use at the location.
  • Notify third-party contractors of the need to provide information to those affected by any hazards caused by the new chemical or process.
  • Assist the contractor, when needed, with the implementation of the control requirements identified through this review process.

SAP EHSM Product Compliance supports your business for the chemical approval process. HELASOFT has done extensive work for clients in the chemical approval process.

SAP EH&S Management enables you to manage chemical data, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect the health and safety of workers that use chemicals. You can request chemicals and approve them prior to their use in your company.

If you want to use a chemical in your company, you can use the approval process to ensure that chemicals introduced to your company are evaluated and approved by hazardous substance managers and industrial hygienists. During the approval process, you can enter information for the chemical and determine whether the chemical can be used in your company. After the chemical is approved, you can analyze exposure to the chemical in risk assessments, group workers together by their exposure to the chemical into similar exposure groups, and monitor exposure to the chemical with personal exposure profiles.

User Request a chemical approval.
If you want to use the approval process, you have to start the process with a chemical approval request.

Process a chemical approval.
The request for a chemical is sent to the person responsible for the assessment of hazardous chemicals that starts the approval process to determine whether a chemical can be used in your company. The approval process can be configured to involve several parties and you can specify several steps to be executed by each approver.

Enter data for a chemical.
During the approval process, you can enter information provided on safety data sheets. You can trigger the data entry for chemicals from the approval process or create a chemical manually and enter the relevant information.

Transfer data from the specification database.
If you create your own safety data sheets for your own chemical products by using the specification database of SAP EH&S Management as part of SAP ERP, you can transfer health and safety relevant data from the specification database into business objects of the component extension for SAP EH&S Management add-on.

Initiate and process a risk assessment for chemicals.
After the approval of a chemical, you can start the risk identification process by identifying chemicals used at a specific location in your company. In the risk assessment process, you can use all information entered for the chemical.

Create safety instructions.
As part of the risk treatment for chemicals, you can create safety instruction documents for chemicals at a specific location. A safety instruction document summarizes all health and safety relevant information for a chemical, as well as the required protective equipment for safe handling at the location. This document can be used to train employees and inform them about safe handling of the chemical.

Search for chemicals.
You can use a quick search function to get an overview of available information about a chemical used in your company. You can access safety data sheets, as well as safety instruction documents, that have been created for the chemical. In addition, you can request a chemical approval for a chemical from the search results.

Generate BI analytical reports for chemicals.
You can use SAP Business Explorer (BEx) reports to create reports based on chemicals, chemical-associated information, and risks that you have identified at specific locations where chemicals are used. The reporting capabilities allow you to create reports that combine quantity information with chemical information.