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Product Safety

Product Safety

Product Safety is a major sustainability and marketability issue for you as a user or producer of chemicals as well as various other process industries.

Product compliance in your business is imperative and often consists of multiple process steps to achieve regulatory compliance for your products. If your company is operating in several countries, you are subject to a wide variety of product safety regulations and you need to be aware and communicate effectively on the impacts of your products.

HELASOFT is your partner in SAP EH&S Product Safety and Compliance issues. Our consultants have profound expertise in planning and implementing EH&S Product Safety installation to your requirements as well as supporting you within an existing SAP EH&S system. Additional SAP solutions for product compliance support you in complying with product related environmental regulations (e.g. REACH, RoHS, WEEE) which in turn require compliance of components too.

We usually start implementing this by creating a substance model as a link to store important chemical information and have proper linkage to the material world to use this chemical information.

Business processes under Product Safety & Compliance refer to

  • Maintain a centralized database having information on physical, chemical, toxicological, eco toxicological characteristics for substances and with appropriate authorizations control for view and modifications, these information are required in various product stewardship initiatives (RoHS, WEEE, IMDS etc.).
  • Allow base data maintenance with help of standardized phrases for complying with hazardous communication guidelines such as United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Some of the common regulations which can be effectively complied with are REACH, Substance volume tracking (SVT), EU CLP, HazCom 2012 and so on. Also allow provisions for storage of hazard codes, phrases, and graphical representations.
  • The actual business functions are covered in a separate SAP module Product compliance in SAP EH&S Management.
  • Data collection and maintenance of Environmental, Health and Safety information for various input, process and output specifications (chemicals). One example can be import and meta data maintenance of Vendor safety data sheets on input chemicals.
  • Integration to logistics business process such as shipping of safety data sheets for environmentally relevant products along with the delivery of products.
  • Report generation Tools Windows Wordprocessor Integration (WWI) for reporting on substance data internally and externally.
  • Prepare and print GHS compliant labels with features such as multi language information, logistics related data in a bar coded fashion, various label sizes and decentralized printing control.
  • Provide specification based information on areas such as trade embargo, storage classification to other modules so as to help in go/ no-go decision making as well as in management dashboard reporting.
  • Data and report provision interfaces with other third party systems such as industry associations, information network for customers on product safety.

Product Safety is rapidly changing from being a compliance issue towards being a critical success factor for communicating the sustainable brand identity of an organization. SAP EH&S provides a sound base for implementing diverse requirements of businesses in this area. Additionally, SAP provides a Product and REACH Compliance module (as part of EHSM) which helps you to achieve product, component and basic material compliances. This solution is also targeted towards achieving collaboration with suppliers and customers to receive and send compliance related data. The solution has capability to integrate with SAP Business Object (Dashboards) to provide analytic functions and reports.