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Dangerous Goods Management

Dangerous Goods Management

Dangerous goods are materials or items with hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/or their means of Transport.

The transportation of dangerous goods is controlled and governed by a variety of different regulatory regimes, operating at both the national and international levels.
The complexity of dangerous goods classifications and regulations render compliance a particularly difficult task.

SAP Dangerous Goods Management (SAP EHS DG) covers the functionalities of maintaining dangerous goods regulation information for certain products. It also provides a robust integration with SAP logistics module which is using this data to implement business functions, checks and balances. Last but not the least, this module also helps in generating certain dangerous goods transport documents which are as per prevalent regulations worldwide.

  • Transportation of certain products are regulated under national and international dangerous goods transportation regulations for different modes of transport.
  • Businesses engaged in transportation of such products, directly or indirectly, must comply with such regulations and implement internal checks for such transportation.
  • Companies also need to provide information for safe transportation of such products (DG information) in specific formats i.e. DG transportation document (e.g. within a delivery note).

HELASOFT assists your company in all the steps of this important business process and may perform the following Tasks

  • determining the applicable dangerous goods regulations according to various types of products, countries of operation and mode of transportation
  • SAP Dangerous Goods Management module configuration and implementing the internal checks as per client specific required (some custom development would be required to implement the business logic)
  • setting up the dangerous goods data model which derives information from a mix of external and internal sources (such as UN list substance data and company specific data or from internal sources). HELASOFT recommends that your company has access to a regulatory content provider or have in-house experts.
  • Our team is equipped with consultants having a thorough understanding of logistics process and its integration with SAP Dangerous goods module. We assist in preparing reports containing Dangerous goods information with help of various output technologies (e.g. WWI)

Fig: A typical data model representing a set of regulatory data for a unique UN number (UN Listed substance)

In the SAP system, the correct handling of the dangerous goods is ensured by the following three components:

  • Dangerous Goods Master Data
  • Dangerous Goods Check
  • Dangerous Goods Documents  

Dangerous Goods Master Data

The SAP system uses the enhancement in the material master and the data from the substance database for the efficient and error free maintenance of the Dangerous goods data. The Dangerous goods master provides all the required data for the sales and logistics purpose.

The Dangerous Goods Master Data can be maintained manually or by an automatic process called filling. All the legal data and the regulations related with the transport are maintained in the UN listed substance and during filling process, all these data are copied to the master.

Dangerous Goods Checks

In the SAP EHS system, the Dangerous goods checks are integrated into the SD process. The documents in delivery and transport are the start for the checks. Checks can be carried out manually or automatically.  

Dangerous goods documents

This relates to the generation of dangerous goods documents as per law and printing other data on paper or as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Features from the SD module are used for this purpose. The delivery document and the packaging list are extended to include the Dangerous goods data.

The Dangerous Goods Management has integrations with MM, SD, EH&S Management and Product Safety modules.