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Recipe Developement

Recipe Developement

SAP PLM Recipe Development offers you a customised and integrated solution for a product from the very first idea throughout the complete product lifecycle.

It is fully integrated in SAP ERP (EHS, PP) and provides ideal possibilities for a research & development department to develop & test formulations and recipes.

Why Recipe Development?

  • Integrate and globalize the process to a single source of truth: Recipe Development offers completely integrated method to create manufacturing data from recipe development using the “Handover to Manufacturing” tool
  • Process innovation and Quality increase: Recipe Development offers formula optimization and formula comparison to analyse and optimize the quantities of the formula items that are part of the process
  • Adherence to compliance standards: Recipe Development offers compliance check functionalities which can be used with specification and recipe to check if the product is compliant with legal or enterprise constraint
  • New product development in pipeline: Recipe Development in integration with SAP ECC NPI provides a simple and efficient platform for performing R&D on a product and formulation of new products
  • Workflow process to manage work process in business: Recipe Development integrated with Engineering Record can be used to manage workflow tasks and regulate the business process via Process Route
  • Recipe development offers web-based simple and intuitive UI interface which is closely integrated with:
    • ACM (Authorization and Access Control Management)
    • Control Center and Work Center
    • Object Navigator
    • Product Centric view

Recipe Development offers solution for process industries such as:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Paints & Lacquers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical industries
  • Consumer goods


HELASOFT offers a right mix of technical, functional and business expertise to provide an end to end implementation of Recipe Development integrated with other areas of SAP PLM. With our expertise dedicated to niche areas around EH&S, Recipe Development and SAP PLM, we have a team of highly skilled experts in SAP PLM Recipe Development implementation and support.

HELASOFT being a SAP Service Partner provides direct support in designing & developing solutions, implementing enhancements, testing, deployment and support. We have international experience and we deliver the most effective, compliant and cost optimised solution for your business. HELASOFT implemented Recipe Development & Recipe Management for industries like Consumer Goods, Chemical Industry, Fragrance and Aroma Industry already several times.

Key elements of Recipe Development are:

  • Specification: Specifications represent the master data of logistic materials. They are data objects created to hold legal, physical and chemical properties of an object, including
    • Raw materials, semi-finished goods and ingredients and all other input to the process
    • Output Product for both intermediate and finished Product
    • Packaging materials
  • Formula: Recipe input and output, calculations are carried out in Formula
  • Recipe: Recipe is an overall repository of formula, process, equipment and material data
  • Process: Defines the process steps and parameters needed in order to achieve the desired result
  • Equipment Requirement: This refers to the machinery/equipment needed to perform the production process

Key Features of Recipe Development are:

  • Specification development and management
  • Compliance check for regulatory substances
  • Recipe - Formula Development and comparison
  • Formula optimization, Explosion simulation, Cost calculation
  • Migration tool for migrating RM recipes to web-based Recipe Development
  • Handover to Manufacturing(H2M)
  • Integration with Engineering Change Management and other PLM components
  • Integrated Analytics and Search

Key enhancements in Recipe Development EHP 7:


  • Flexible output variants for recipes, development recipes
  • Recipe process enhancements
  • Building blocks, selective recipe copy, drag & drop for recipe process maintenance
  • Formulation enhancements
  • Manual price for cost calculations
  • Process loss & storage loss
  • Handover to manufacturing
  • Integration to PP-PI Master recipes
  • Recipe archiving
  • Download recipe data


  • Flexible output variants for specifications, process route for specification
  • Header status for specification
  • Mass change for specification
  • Compliance check without expert Server
  • Access control context for specification
  • Handling of obsoleted phrases
  • Stats and action management for specification
  • Search enhancement in property tree
  • Process route in specification
  • Download specification data

Product Labeling

  • Authorization management for labeling
  • Document assignment at header
  • WWI support