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Recycling Administration

Recycling Administration

Recycling Management is growing ever more demanding. Legal requirements, coupled with an increasing awareness of the environment, have confronted modern enterprises with a completely new challenge.

In Europe, packaging waste, disposed batteries and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives requires manufacturers to do correct disposal and recycling of their waste products. To comply with these directives on waste, companies must submit information on the products they bring into market to a central agency, which consolidates the data for local authorities. Firms that operate globally must account for country-specific differences in the respective directives, making compliance even more challenging.

Environmental fee payments and reporting is required in many countries for packaging, batteries and Waste on Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). These legal reporting requirements are very different from country to country. Some countries are required to report on product composition and sold tonnages, others require a reporting on multi-composition level. Usually the manufacturer or the company bringing the goods on the market in a specific country is responsible for the reporting. Fees are charged to the companies to cover the recycling cost for the goods or packaging that the end consumer discards. Such goods are marked according to the fee systems they are subject to with printed symbols like a green dot or a crossed dustbin to indicate relevancy to one or more fee systems.

SAP Recycling Administration (REA) helps companies map the legal regulations of three EU directives and carry out the required quantity flow reporting (declarations) automatically using the information from the SAP ERP system in order to comply with the regulations on packaging, battery disposal and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The SAP Recycling Administration application helps the enterprises for smooth and automated reporting on their waste generation. The application is a cross-industry solution and customers are manufacturers, importers and retailers.

HELASOFT helps with experienced and hands-on consultants to support implementations at customer site. HELASOFT consultants have profound knowledge in related environmental compliance areas, like Environment, Health and Safety Management (EHSM).

Transparent and effective Recycling Management with SAP REA

  • Managing and sorting recyclable materials by type, net weight, use, destination, name, category and other attributes
  • Monitoring the amount of product stream
  • Accurate calculation of recycling rates for compliance with legal regulations based on current prices and contractual conditions
  • Automatic generation of statements
  • Breakdown to gain visibility into recycling costs

Centralized Data Management

  • Integrated in SAP ERP, SAP Recycling Administration can centrally manage all data related to WEEE, packaging, batteries, or any other tax or charge dependent upon unit weight
  • Avoid reporting errors through access to material master data, sales and distribution, production planning, and financial and accounting components of SAP ERP
  • You only need to enter data related to Recycling Management

Automatic Statements

  • The statements declared by REA application offer an auditable proof of the quantities of the product in the market and data from the last available clearing
  • This automation reduces operating costs, additional maintenance and provides better data quality by preventing over-payments to recycling partners
  • Users only need to treat data once, since SAP ERP can access directly to the master data of each material and item


  • Increased efficiency through consolidation in knowledge of regulations and simplification of statement management
  • Improved data quality by carefully monitoring the amount of outstanding products and centralizing master data management through tight integration with SAP ERP
  • Increased control through audit tests statements, with current, direct fee payments, monitoring of country-specific regulations and legal updates, and automatic display of recycling rates on billing documents
  • Increased visibility of recycling costs through breakdown of basic costs and report generation