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Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Companies have a duty to ensure that they provide a safe and healthy working environment for all people, commonly referred to as zero-harm-to-the-workforce approach.

This zero-harm-to-the-workforce is realized through regular examination and testing of employees to ascertain and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers. These examinations are carried out by an occupational health professional, on all employees who will be exposed to risks in the working environment.

SAP EH&S Occupational Health supports general employee occupational healthcare in your enterprise, as well as the planning, execution and reporting of periodic and adhoc health surveillance protocols. Special surveillance is required for those persons who may be exposed to certain influences of a chemical, physical, or biological nature at their workplace, or who perform activities that pose a health hazard. Health surveillance protocols can also include vaccinations.

HELASOFT has expert business and consulting knowledge to help you implement and realise the strategy to achieve a zero-harm-to-the-workforce approach, by utilising EH&S Management Occupational Health.

The following are the benefits of using HELASOFT as your partner for EH&S Management of Occupational Health:

  • Provide advice, information, training and education, on occupational health, safety and hygiene and on ergonomics and protective equipment.  
  • Identification, assessment and management of the risks from health hazards in the workplace. Sharing of lessons learned with other areas.
  • Assist in the creation of an Occupational Risk Exposure Profiles job or area based
  • Occupational rehabilitation for employees unemployed for reasons of Ill health or disability  
  • Electronic Patient Files Medical Services with follow-up activities
  • Periodic and Adhoc Health surveillance protocols
  • Management of Injuries and illnesses and emergency treatment
  • Reports of examination results, restrictions, diagnoses, questionnaires and assignments

Scenario Overview – Occupational Health Surveillance

Business Benefits:

  • Assignment of exposure ratings to exposure groups reduces data maintenance of person related exposure assignment
  • Tracking of organizational assignment and exposure history
  • Automatic change in protocol assignment when organizational structure/job/task/position or exposure changes
  • Correct proposal based on trigger – i.e. risk driven and target organ related surveillance
  • HR time management for leave plan of employee

Scenario Overview – Injury/Illness Management

The Injury/Illness Management process enables you to enter and manage any type of medical assistance given to persons in your company. This can include the treatment of first aid/minor injuries, old injuries, primary health care for people who are not feeling well i.e. the provision of medication. Each visit to the clinic can be documented and kept into an electronic patient file, using the medical service facility in SAP EH&S Occupational health.