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Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Industrial Hygiene & Safety (SAP IHS) is the practice of ensuring the general health and safety of the company by supplying information, services, and equipment to help identify, evaluate, and control potentially harmful activities in the work and learning environment. Industrial Hygiene & Safety will help you prevent injuries and illnesses when you are working.

Any producing industry has to deal with the manifold possible risks for the health & safety of their employees. Depending to the country and production site location, there are different regulations which have to be covered (compliance). This is relevant for nuclear and hazardous substances (chemicals), risks caused by machine usage, noises and temperature conditions.

This SAP module (SAP IHS) provides the capability to manage industrial hygiene and safety, for example, standard operating procedures, risk assessment, incident/accident logs, exposure profiles and compliance reporting.


  • Prevent incidents and reduce risks with a comprehensive approach to operational controls and risk reduction.
  • Reduce costs by leveraging other SAP software.
  • Create transparency and standardization with templates, task tracking, and analytical reporting.

  • Proactively managing the health and safety (SAP IHS) of your most valuable resources is the key to secure profitability.

The SAP IHS component supports: 

  • Risk Management
  • Work Area and Task modelling 
  • Limit Values Monitoring 
  • Measurement Management 
  • Site Inspections with Questionnaires 
  • Workers Safety Instructions/-Cards

HELASOFT has implemented SAP Industrial Hygiene & Safety (SAP IHS) for customers in diverse manufacturing areas. We provide the right mix of EH&S Management System experience and SAP module implementation experience. The client benefits by having a structure approach and sound management system for their EH&S aspects and impacts. 

Process flow in the SAP IH&S (Industrial Hygiene & Safety) & HSM (Hazardous Substance Management) modules