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The future begins now with HELASOFT - how can we apply the new technologies such as RPA, AI and ML to your EHS processes?

Nowadays, Legislation and processes around Product Stewardship, Health & Safety and Environmental Management topics are getting more and more complex and costly.

How can you improve a situation, where a highly skilled employee- possibly a leading expert in his functional area of expertise- has to hack data repetitively into a system, just to get a complex business process one single step further?

What more value can he contribute to the projects in your organization, if he would not need to do it?

Finally, it boils down to the question – Are you sure that you have used all digital or innovative improvement potentials which exist in your organization already in a sufficient manner?

HELASOFT can support you to uncover these potentials and improve or remove the key problems which complex systems, integration and communication into the logistic chain and new legislations continuously are imposing on us.

Processes like safety data sheet authoring, dangerous goods and hazardous substance classifications, blockage in the supply chain as well as multiple legal notifications can be optimized using self-healing and self-learning bots, artificial intelligence as well as machine learning techniques.

Get in touch with us if you feel we can support you here- our automation team is ready to answer your questions. “We offer an initial free automation workshop.”

Benefits and advantages:

  • Acceleration of process throughput times
  • Relief of the own employees
  • Applicable in all processes
  • No special knowledge for users necessary
  • Innovative RPA platforms, now also in SAP
  • Lower probability of errors
  • High volumes
  • Standardized processes
  • Minimizing repetition and routine work

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